Healthy Choices

I bet you have plenty of questions about healty living. Like what kind of foods should I eat? What can I do to lose some weight? Well im going to anwser all your questions. Some foods you should eat are apples,bannanas, and vegtables like carrots to help you see better. You could try some new recipes to see if you could lose some weight

Now how to lose some weight.You could try going on a diet like most people but it usually doesn’t work. What you could is go on walks. It’s good if you have a dog because you can take your dog for a long walk around a block or to a store. But if it’s cold out get some exercise  machines. Like a tredmill,weights or a bicycle.

If you don’t do any of these things you could go blind somehow or you could get not fat but larger then usually.If you follow these instructions you could see better.You could lose all the weight you’ve been dieing to lose. Also it helps to play alot of sports and activities to make your body healthy.

Fantasy Story

Reading fantasy stories helped me to do this writing unit by giving me ideas of characters and settings. When it came time to write I had alot of ideas flowing in my head. All my ideas just came out of my head and onto the computer. I liked the read alouds because it helped me  to understand the setting and characters because Mrs.Solway would stop and tell us what would happen or she would give us a chance to predict what would happen next. Shared writing was very helpful by seeing some modeled writing which made it ok for me to make a mistake. It was also helpful when the class and I got to have a conference with Mrs.Solway and she gave the class and I ideas for are stories. Using word Q was very helpful by giving me different word choices.

When I used Microsoft word when I made a mistake it would underline the word or the sentance if there was a grammer mistake. When I started to write I couldn’t stop I just had to keep going. The most frustrating part was the end. I got stuck on the ending because it’s hard to make a good ending to a good story.So I took my time and thought about a couple endings for my story. I narrowed down to three endings and i decited on one and i was a perfect ending to my fantastical story.

Perspective Art

In are class  we have been doing one point perspective art. The materials were crayons,and rulers , paper and  all the normal materials that people use everyday. The step we did first was to put a dot in the middle of the page and then take a ruler and make a line .Make sure the paper is landscape. The next step after that was to make about five rectangles or squares and put them all over the page. Then take the corner that are visible to the dot in the middle and draw a line from the dot in the middle to the corner of the shape. Then make the whole shape with parallel lines. Then make your images in the rectangles or squares and colour the rest and your done.

  The best part that I like about my art is the colouring. It took alot of focus to do it but it was worth it. It came out nice and I like it and that’s all that matters.  If I were to do it again I would change the colours of the cubes and rectangles. Also the string colour. I would also darken the backround. This is my one point perspective art.

My one point perspective art


Sleeping Beauty

Want to know who is sleeping beauty read on and find out.Ill give you hints along the way.sleeping beauty is a family member.She is the love of my life.she is really furry.Lazy.She is a pet.More hints ok.She loves being around are dog Tina.Well its more like the other way around.Yes she is my cat she is brown and black.She always sleeps with me at night and claws my face and body.Sometimes she can be really annoying because she want out side or shes hungry.Sometimes when im on the computer like now she sits on me.She is sitting on me right know watching me type on the know the fact that cats sleep all day and awake all night.Well she sleeps all day and most of the night.Thats my cat from small to big.Lazt to well lazy.

Blogging is fun!

Blogging! It is fun for kids and adults to tell stories about their life and other things.Blogging is fun for me because I let out all my ideas explode.My whole class has been blogging for a couple weeks now and everyone loves it!! There is no limit to blogging and there are no rules to it.My thought about blogging is it is fun and more people should enjoy it.Sometimes it will get confusing when your a begginer.Once you get started you cant stop.You do at home on your laptop in school, everywhere!

Keep your resolution

Did you make a new years  resolution? Did you keep your new years resolution? I kept mine.My new years resolution was to stop playing with my hair,and if you want to know if i kept my new years resolution read on.I used to play with my hair all the time, on the couch,at school anywhere.My dad always asked me are you hungry?I would give him the dirtiest look. So do you want to know if I kept my new years resolution?I did it took awhile. I tried so many things but I found one that worked.I put a rubber band on my wrist and everytime I played with my hair i would take a good snap at it and that’s how I got rid of me playing with my hair.So comment if you completed your new years resolution.

Freaky Deaky Pets

Have you ever had that weird pet that does strange things? Well I do.I used to have a cat named Tony.He was the strangest cat you would ever meet.He drank out of the toilet.He bent over the toilet and just drank from it.I bet your laughing right now and saying its not true,but it is.

So to get him to stop we had to close the toilet lid.But the one day my grandma left the toilet seat up and blamed it on me but i didn’t care. Back to Tony , he was back at it. I went into the bathroom and then it happened.Tony had gotten scared and he fell in the toilet! Just to make sure Tony wouldn’t drink or fall in the toilet he became a barn kitty.We gave him a food and water dish and he eats but he doesn’t drink out of his water dish. Did I mention I live by a river. Yes,he drinks out of the river. Some strange pets you cant tame.

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